Redmine Plugins Development

When working in a big team with members dispersed across different locations, it definitely helps to have a workflow management tool. Redmine is a project management application which is written in Ruby on Rails.

It helps its users to organize the stages of their workflow conveniently. Every project can be coordinated by setting up the project timeline, team member roles and responsibilities, project objectives, track issues, schedule and budget.

Our Redmine plugin generator helps create a plugin that covers custom needs to achieve optimal management efficiency.

Twinslash has 20+ years of experience in the field of Internet solutions and systems development. We understand that our clients have a range of unique issues and thus, require a comprehensive highly personalized approach to creating solutions.

Why Redmine?

Redmine has almost 15 years of management experience converted into a web application. It has a whole diversity of features and opportunities to run the workflow smoothly. Some of its features include forums, calendars, gantt charts, etc. Redmine works great for agile methodologies, that’s why it’s used by many development teams. Below are the existing plugins as well as some other options that can cover your needs.

Building New Plugins for Redmine

If any of the existing plugins don’t meet your requirements, our expert developers are ready to assist you in customizing them or building new ones. Having more than 20 years of experience in plugin development, Twinslash can provide you with technical solutions based on your specific needs.

Does anyone of your team members always forget to fill out the report at the end of the working day? Our team can create a reminder that will pop up at a specific time on a daily basis. Do you want to change the UI to make it more personalized and convenient? Or, you are not sure yet what exact features can be your helping hand, are you?

Don’t hesitate to contact our team to create an individual project or sub-project with Redmine and find a perfect technical solution together.

Redmine by Twinslash


We have an expert team dedicated to answering any questions that our clients may have and resolving any issues that may arise. You may reach us via email or by phone number +1-307-288-56-88.


As soon as you get familiar with the whole range of handy features that Redmine provides, you will realize how much easier your workflow has become. We can create custom buttons, filters, or sidebar blocks with Redmine for your own convenience. However, before making a decision to create a tailor-made plugin, you may be interested in getting familiar with the existing products. You can do this by visiting our partner’s website. You have an opportunity to buy their products via our website, as well as contact us if you need a helping hand with Redmine installation or setup.


This Redmine option controls fixing an issue or bug by creating a commit message and using referencing keywords or issue IDs. However, if you don’t have any experience in the IT field and are not sure how to insert the required code correctly, you can contact our team and find a quick solution.


While things like controllers as well as models can’t be overridden in the Redmine plugins, fortunately, views can. Here are some general facts about how models (or controllers) work: 

  • Rails loads a framework
  • Rails starts loading a code in the plugin
  • IssueController determines a show action
  • Then Rails bootstraps an app
  • IssueController determines a show action again
  • Ruby (or Rails) changes the show action from the plugin
  • Rails finishes loading 

Instead of overriding existing models (or controllers), it’s possible to add a method to them or change an existing one for your own convenience. So if you’re interested in any further information, please contact us via email or by phone. 


Redmine Use Cases:

There are some cases for you to explore and get an overall picture of where Redmine is helpful.

  • Asset Management. It helps to collect all the information in one place, create an individual list of assets, and share it among the team members easily. 
  • Analysis and Reporting. It is easy to manage reports and budgets. An administrator is able to share the rights with any team member, thereafter he or she can immediately access the necessary information and can export it in any format.
  • Personnel Management. You are able to check the activity of your team members anytime, get comprehensive information about the project they're working on right now, add options for day-off and vacation management, as well as track how much time each team member spent working on a particular project or task.
  • Capacity Planning. It helps to eliminate potential operational difficulties at the early stages.
  • Project Costs and Budget. Manage any budget issues that you can possibly face, including individual rates and budget status.
  • Project Management. Tracking task progress becomes easier and more efficient with Redmine plugins.
  • Service Desk. It facilitates interaction with customers of IT services and allows managing their issues smoothly.
  • Productivity Improvement. Your team members have an opportunity to create their own agenda items and make use of graphical customization options to simplify the workflow.
  • Virtual Library. This new option helps users collect all relevant data in one place and easily share it with other team members.

These are some of the most common use cases of Redmine plugins. Choose the one that fits your team’s needs best or create a unique solution with professional developers at Twinslash.

Users experience:

Our primary goal is to make our customers satisfied with the product. That’s why our service is built on personalization and a comprehensive understanding of our client’s needs. Along with the whole range of development services, we suggest creating plugins and systems that meet your individual purposes. That’s why our customers enjoy working with us. Besides, they can participate in the process and share their expectations from the very beginning until a successful result.

Feel free to get familiar with our customers’ feedback and let our work speak for itself. 

They’re organized and able to solve problems quickly their team is full of professional developers”  CEO, Principal Solutions PTY LTD 


The work from Twinslash has continuously met expectations and satisfied the internal team. Their work is bug-free and has received positive feedback. Bringing expertise and an ability to problem-solve to the engagement, they’ve been a valuable long-term part of the client's team.” Software Dev for Travel IT Company 

Choose Your Type of Plugin

If you’re interested in creating a new Redmine plugin for your custom needs, Twinslash is here to help. You have an opportunity to choose from the following options. 



It is useful in case you’re working on web apps or websites; it also sets the stage for quick and easy user feedback.

If you want to organize the teamwork using charts and boards for task management, that’s a useful tool for you. 

It facilitates the management of tasks and to-do lists so every team member is able to organize their daily routine. 

Makes an interface more convenient to use. 

Will help you manage customers and contacts better by saving everything in one place.

It helps make an interface more personalized with an option of hiding every item that is not necessary for your work. It is much easier to find all the elements you need.

This plugin makes the management of all issues transparent and organized by adding a variety of charts and statuses. 

These are the most useful plugins that can help you improve the processes of managing tasks or organizing workflow within your team. If you are looking for a plugin development team, contact us, and explain your issue to our experts. We will find an appropriate solution together. 

Simplify Your Workflow Using the New Redmine Plugin

Our expert team of software engineers is ready to assist you in creating a custom solution. We will adjust it to your individual needs by utilizing advanced database architecture. You will have unparalleled control over project tasks, as well as get access to time-tracking tools. 

If your current plugins don’t meet your team’s needs, we can create a solution that will comprise all the required features. Highlight which items you want to include — calendars, graphs, gantts, charts, issue trackers, etc. — and we will build a plugin based on your request. 



Don’t hesitate to consult our expert team. 

We are ready for new challenges and always go the extra mile to find the best solution for our customers. 

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