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Twinslash company provides you with react native application development services: natively rendering mobile apps for iOS and Android platforms.

React Native Mobile Development

The mobile applications market is one of the most rapidly developing and promising directions in the entire Information Technology industry today. According to rough statistics, more than 3.2 billion people in the world use smartphones today, and therefore many, even the smallest companies are increasingly choosing to switch to more personalized services by developing a mobile application.

Due to the fact that the two most famous mobile operating systems are iOS and Android, application development is carried out with an eye on these platforms. In this process, perhaps, there is no more logical and simple option than using React Native - Javascript framework, released by Facebook in 2015 precisely in order to maximize the speed of the development of multi-platform mobile applications. We at Twinslash have long ago made this development one of our main directions and that's why.


Advantages of React Native

React Native (RN) is not just one of the most famous and popular solutions for developing mobile applications, both from the point of view of developers and from the point of view of businessmen. The thing is that this framework really meets almost all business needs. First of all, it is about the speed and cost of development. Developers, in turn, love this framework for a number of reasons that we suggest you discuss separately.


#1 RN fellowship

RN community is one of the most important advantages of this framework over the rest. Thanks to the activity that is inherent in this circle of people, RN developers constantly feel that they are part of a single large family, and any questions always find their answer. This helps a lot in development, as the support of so many people on GitHub or Stackoverflow makes it possible to quickly find solutions to most problems. The community itself is also constantly working to create new ready-made solutions and simplified algorithms in order to improve the framework together with the developers from Facebook.


#2 Multi-use code & pre-built libraries

One of the main factors that allow RN to show such an impressive indicator in terms of development speed is, of course, code reuse. Thanks to this, there is no need to create two separate versions of the application, since the percentage of the shared code between the application for Apple and Android devices can reach 90%. The number of pre-built components and libraries for RN is constantly updated, again due to the vastness and activity of the community. On the Internet, you can always find the latest lists of the newest and most useful libraries that have appeared recently. NativeBase, Lottie, Mapview, etc - their use also greatly speeds up the development process, which is undoubtedly an important advantage.


#3 Clear UI

Since RN was created specifically for the development of mobile applications, its UI was thought out to the smallest detail. RN copies native development due to the fact that it adheres to declarative programming. In such a situation, a sequence of actions in the program is created, which is understandable, the dependencies are also clear. This greatly simplifies bug-fixing and code editing at a later stage.

#4 Plug-in indorsement

Many frameworks drop support for third-party plugins for security concerns. However, RN not only leaves such an opportunity but also brings it to a completely new level. In fact, it was the support of third-party plugins that eventually allowed RN to become what it is today. Due to the fact that there are a lot of such plugins, developers have the ability to deeply customize the framework. It is this feature that serves as one of the factors of such popularity of RN among developers.

#5 Componentized structure

One of the main factors that make RN multi-platform is the modular approach to coding. Simply put, the internal design of RN is thought out in such a way that all the code would consist of separate sections. This is done so that developers can quickly find the desired section, edit it without affecting the rest of the application, and also use entire modules of the finished code in other applications and for other platforms. This feature makes updating, editing, and fixing RN code very convenient and fluid.

#6 Live and hot rebooting

This reboot (or reload) makes it possible to edit and update the code without stopping the entire application. However, these two features have a number of differences that we would like to talk about. Live reloading is a somewhat obsolete function that reads all changes to a file made by the programmer and then restarts the application, allowing all changes to take place. Hot reload is a much more convenient feature that allows you to make changes to the code and update the application without restarting it or stopping it. In the process of saving changes, this function does not restart the application, but only makes new changes in the required place in the code, leaving the program in working mode. Thus, the results of any code changes can be seen in real-time, which greatly facilitates the work of programmers. In version 0.61, a new "Fast Refresh" function was introduced, which combines all the best of the two previous features. Programmers complained that the Hot reload often broke due to minor syntax errors, which ruined the entire process. The new feature understands and fixes these errors, and also returns to the process of completely restarting the application if necessary.


#7 Declarative (or proclamatory) type of code

We have already mentioned this factor several times above, it's time to talk about it separately. Declarative coding means that the programmer explains to the application WНАТ to do, instead of explaining HOW to do it. This approach makes RN code very understandable and easy to read even for a novice specialist. This factor allows new team members to quickly delve into the details of the project and find those places in the code that require fixing. Such code, understandable not only for people but also for programs, generally speeds up the process of creating an application and simplifies all actions aimed at supporting its work.

#8 Lots of ready-to-use tools

Finally, we would like to clarify one of the main factors that make RN apps so fast-to-build - the presence of a large number of ready-made applications, libraries, and other solutions. In addition, RN is perfectly compatible with any JS libraries. Among the most popular tools, there are a couple of main areas, for example, type checking and code testing. For the first issue, you can use solutions like PropTypes or ESLint. While you can use Mocha, Jest, or Chai to test the finished code. The Internet is full of top lists and advises regarding the best tools for any task, so any programmer can easily find the right solution.


What Do We Offer to Our Clients?

After discussing all the advantages that RN has, it's time to tell you what exactly we in Twinslash offer our clients and what services we highlight as the main direction of our team.


Of course, our main offer for our clients is the development of native applications for major platforms. Thanks to the presence of an expert team of RN specialists, we can boast of extensive experience in creating a wide variety of mobile applications, thanks to which we are ready to answer any challenge. Our company is ready to provide a full development cycle, from the introduction of the initial idea to the confirmation of the application on the main trading platforms and further support. Thanks to this, our clients can also contact us at any stage with their application. In addition, we also provide code auditing and quick application assistance. The first service is often needed by our clients when their code is ready, but it is too large and has errors, and there is no time to fix it. Our team of experts quickly validates the code, reduces the size, and gets rid of any errors. As for the second service, the rescue of the application is carried out when our customers face big problems and breakdowns inside the product itself. In such a situation, we create a rescue plan, launch it into operation and make sure that by the end of our cooperation the application would function normally and bring value to the customers.


We have chosen this framework as our main direction in development for mobile devices for a number of reasons. The fact is that it is RN that allows you to significantly reduce development costs and the time it takes to create an application. Thanks to the advantages that we described above, namely: the ability to use entire blocks of code in other applications (with a percentage of the shared code reaching 90%), a simple and intuitive UI, an active community, and the presence of a huge number of ready-made solutions. All these factors allow us to promise our clients a reduction in their costs and  faster completion of the development process than in a situation with the use of other frameworks and technologies.


In addition to standard services for the development of applications on RN, we also provide our clients with services for the development of REST APIs. More specifically, our specialists are experienced in creating high-level, reliable and well-documented REST APIs that are easy to consume. APIs provide a fresh perspective on finished products and data, creating new directions for products and businesses. In addition, they also enable custom integrations and open new breaths for ready-to-use applications, allowing our experts to enrich their services in new directions.


Why Choose Us

At Twinslash we are well aware that you have seen many similar pages on the Internet before. Therefore, we will not list boring adjectives again, like the best developers, the most pleasant prices, clear deadlines, and so on.

What we would like to say in this section is that our company does not strive to complete projects and replenish its portfolio with new applications. At Twinslash, we are committed to providing our customers with value. If this value is achieved through the development of a multi-platform application on time and with the savings of client resources, then this is our goal. If the value, on the contrary, requires the involvement of more resources and time, including testing, prototyping, and so on, then this will be our goal.

Thanks to this, our portfolio is not about ready-made applications, but about smiling clients. Therefore, our list of services goes far beyond the standard development on RN. We provide a full range of code and application testing, its support, marketing promotion, and analysis of competitors' strategies. All this is done in order to replenish our portfolio with a new satisfied client face.

Our works

Déjà-V‪u is an app that brings joy to London-based foodies. Ranked five stars in the Apple App store, it is designed to guide food connoisseurs through the culinary scene of this great city. It provides information about the best, hand-picked bars and restaurants. We invite you to read the reviews to understand how we have managed to create convenience to replace the chaos. 

Market v2 is available in the Google Play market. It was developed for a prominent Azerbaijani online retailer - Everything, from food to cleaning supplies is neatly organized into categories and subcategories. New sections are currently under development. The green-and-grey colour scheme complements the retailer’s logo. For extra convenience, customers can create lists of needed items, upon which our algorithm presents them with useful suggestions. We make shopping convenient and easy. 

The Sklad is available for Android users via APKPure. This e-commerce platform allows 3-d party partner companies to showcase and sell their products. All of the transactions are handled by the platform representatives. 

Another recent project of ours involved the creation of an app for cargo transportations. The goal was to connect the truck owners to their potential customers. 

Let’s Turn Your Idea Into Reality

All this was just general information, and specific data and metrics, that you can work with, can be obtained only after a more detailed consultation with our Business Development managers. Request a consultation in order to outline a model of our future cooperation.