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For Clients

“Powerful web applications that formerly might have taken weeks or months to develop can be produced in a matter of days.”

Development in Twinslash begins with a clear understanding of the client's tasks and finding their optimal solutions. In order to achieve our goals we use the following methods:

-Agile and Scrum
Gives clients an opportunity to comment and change priorities, so that we can make immediate changes in the project without waiting till the end of development process and the release of complete product version.

-Progress reports
Help to minimize the risks, as well as to verify the compliance of the result with the existing requirements. Thus, the client is always aware of the development process and can promptly give feedbacks, set priorities, adjusting and correcting further actions of the developers.

-Iterative development
Lets clients implement the system gradually and make profit before the final product release. What concerns developers, we have an opportunity to create basic functionality quickly, to ensure prompt integration of its parts into a single system and, hereafter, gradually increase its functionality.

-Development by testing
Lets us monitor the level of quality and prevent mistakes in the new code while working on the project. It considerably decreases the time for adjustment, reduces the code and allows to release the product versions much earlier and more often.

-Version check system
Makes it possible to go back to one of the earlier versions, or to manage more than a single project at once, excluding the risk to lose the modified data.

-Documentary software
Lets you quickly and easily find and use new resources. If a project expands in the future, our clients will always be sure that the current functionality works correctly and doesn’t require global changes.

Using agile development methods, we create an easy-to-use high-quality product that meets all the specific client requirements.

-Ordering procedure

To start cooperation with us, just send a request to email: info@twinslash.com. We will contact you within one business day or time convenient for you.

All order conditions are consistent with each client individually, then sign a contract, which defines the terms, conditions, ways of providing our services and payment.

Except direct individual contracts we work on the public offer.

Payment methods - available non-cash payments via bank transfer or credit card payments (bePaid).

If you have a bank card Visa, MasterCard, you will be able to quickly pay for our services according to the contract. We will provide a one-time link to the secure payment page of service bePaid for payment.

bePaid certified in the first (highest) level of data security standards dealing with payment cards (PCI DSS Level 1).

Refunds are not provided.