Baby: Optimizing Work Processes with RedmineUp

Baby is a social women's forum writing on maternity, health, and child-rearing topics. Twinslash developed and improved internal management system for the website, installed and set up Redmine plugins for better project management.

Client background

The client is a women's forum that consists of pregnancy and maternity communities. Women can ask the most intimate questions incognito and share first-hand tips and useful information: pregnancy planning, relationship problems, childbirth, parenting, and child development.

Business challenge

We developed the process of working on tasks and implemented it for one of the departments of the company. Our team created an Agile board connection for convenient work and improved this plugin according to the client’s needs. We optimized the already created tasks and projects according to the new process.

We optimized and adjusted the Redmine settings to the needs of the client. Thus, the client received a unified, understandable, and transparent process of working on projects in the task tracker for all involved departments.

It became clear which tasks are planned and which are in progress; which project is active, which is in the discovery phase, and which has ended.

Improving the work process impacted the work of designers. Now they better understand where all their tasks are and what projects they relate to.

redmineup interface

Value delivered

  • We helped the client optimize internal work processes and made them more convenient.
  • We set up a task management system, developed working groups and project structure, set up roles and rights, and thought out a way to manage projects so that it was convenient to work on internal tasks with the help of Redmine.
  • We connected several plugins and optimized them according to the needs of the client. We also optimized the RedmineUP plugins and updated Redmine to the latest version.


Redmine, Ruby, Rails, PostgreSQL, Git